Community Picnic in North Garden


A beautiful day for a community picnic - Community Day in North Garden included lots of locals, food and fun. At the site for Farmers Market at Red Hill which is open each Thursday from 3:00 – 7:00 pm on 29 South.




First Day of School at Red Hill School


It was great being at Red Hill School to greet the students for the beginning of their school year. A third of former Yancey Elementary students are first year at RHS. I enjoyed being with Principal Art Stow. At he same time Scottsville students were greeted by Samuel Miller School Board representative Graham Paige. Our future leaders deserve the finest education possible!



Message from John Lowry

The events of Saturday weigh heavily on my heart today, as they must on yours. Our beautiful community has been dragged into the national spotlight by individuals who are driven by hate, violence and racism. Their actions must never be tolerated. They are greatly mistaken if they think that they will weaken us. We are a strong, diverse community who will not be defined by those who came from different areas on Friday and Saturday to cast a dark shadow on our home.

I am thankful for our Law Enforcement officers and other First Responders who kept a horrible situation from becoming worse.

Let us share heartfelt grief for the families of the young woman who lost her life and the State Police officers who died protecting our community.


Connecting with Voters

When going door to door to meet voters, I find that almost every door is answered by someone full of interest and courtesy. In politics, the best way to find what is on voter’s minds is to knock at their doors and ask them.

I am quite used to contacting the community this way!  My Mom made me knock on doors to sell flower seeds for Scouts when I was young. When I first lived in Charlottesville, Marshall Pryor (of The Young Men’s Shop) and I were the champion door to door light bulb sellers for the JAYCEES.

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Family and Friends over the Fourth

By Ed Lowry


Even while Dad is hard at work campaigning for the election this fall, our family made time to get together on the Fourth of July with cousins and friends. I work as a Biology Professor at Hampden-Sydney College, a central Virginia school proud of its liberal arts curriculum and long history - one of the oldest Colleges in the country! I teach classes in Ecology, and even during our short vacation at the Chesapeake Bay I get encouraging reminders of how our society's improving awareness and stewardship of our natural resources is slowly having effects. It appears the outlooks for marine life which is so vital to our ecological health and economies, for example the Chesapeake Bay crabs and oysters, are better than they have been for decades. We even got to see playful dolphins in the water, much to the excitement of my young daughter and her cousins and friends. Our family in Albemarle has always felt strongly about our place in the beautiful ecology of Virginia and our role as responsible managers of its resources. I know my father if elected will have the Rural nature of Albemarle always in his thoughts. His steadfast commitment to these responsibilities and others will reward the voters of Samuel Miller in representing their needs if they elect him this fall!



Scot’s Banker

By Nancy Lowry


My husband and I recently returned from a trip to the UK.

We both have ties to Scotland, where the cultures of both enterprise and thrift are deeply rooted.

Perhaps these ties have stirred John’s desire to serve Albemarle County. His discipline and knowledge about money might even be the envy of a Scot’s banker.

I find it fascinating to hear him speak of county finances with which he is so familiar. For instance, this month the Supervisors approved budget amendments to fiscal year 2017 and fiscal year 2018. $75 million in added spending from bond issuance, capital spending projects and surplus revenue ($8 ½ million as of last June 30th.)

Since his career was in finance he knows all about debt capital. He assures me debt is not bad, it is only a matter of how it is paid back that interests him. If, for instance, the county had landed the Deschutes Brewery at I-64 and 29 South he has explained how the 150,000 barrel craft brewer could easily have paid the county $2 ½ million a year in taxes. . . paying off a bond or two.

This Spring the Supervisors issued a lease revenue bond for $22 million, because they said interest rates were going up. John says interest rates in fact have gone DOWN since the March issue date. If that same issue were brought to market today the county would save about $500,000 in interest cost over the life of the bond.

I believe his experienced, level-headed approach to county finance would make any Scot banker proud!


Albemarle County Republican Committee nominates John Lowry for the Board of Supervisors representing the Samuel Miller District

By George Urban
Albemarle County Republican Committee, Chair



The Albemarle County Republican Committee has nominated John Lowry for the Board of Supervisors representing the Samuel Miller District. He is an incredibly well-respected leader and brings a depth of experience acquired through decades of service in our community.

The time has come for a more balanced approach in Albemarle County. Mr. Lowry's opponent has been a key player in increasing the tax burden on residents, chasing away good paying jobs, and stonewalling responsible economic development. Albemarle has suffered unprecedented turnover in county staff, including the resignations of the economic development director and the county executive. The direction of the past four years is unsustainable.

I am excited to support John Lowry (Lowry for Albemarle) to bring balance to Albemarle County. My comments come after the Republican meeting May 16th. We had a strong turnout at the Northside Library that Tuesday evening.

"We should have better use of our land … we should have a better approach to our finances," Lowry said in a speech at the mass meeting. "We need a ... real economic development program."

I also spoke at the meeting saying, "I'm really excited about John Lowry," Albemarle County Republican Committee Chairman George Urban said. "He brings a unique depth of experience with the positions he’s held in our community over the past three decades, and I think he’ll be a terrific candidate."

Now that I have filed the Candidacy Certificate for John with the County Registrar he will be on the Ballot November 7, 2017. John is eager to begin campaigning. Samuel Miller constituents have much to hear from this able man. He is a good listener, too, so when he knocks on your door he wants to hear thoughts on how a new face in County Government can make things better.


Albemarle Pipes & Drums - Candidate Lowry Plays Bagpipes


As a young man john was paid by Colonial Williamsburg to perform with the Fife and Drum Corps. Being in close touch with a part of our nation’s history with which Colonial Williamsburg was founded John later transferred to playing Bagpipes in Charlottesville. Today, John is a proud member the Albemarle Pipes & Drums Corps.

Being a part of the Albemarle Pipes & Drums is a form of community service for him. The Pipe band performs, teaches, and preserves the music and culture of Scotland and the British Isles through the music of the Great Highland Bagpipes both locally and throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. Pictured here is John doing a Palm Sunday service at Grace Episcopal church.The next Pipe band event will be marching in the Dogwood Parade April 22nd.

As I am now working with John on his campaign I am discovering he has many talents to share. Early on I felt convinced he would be a good leader in county governance.


Where has a Better Balance for Albemarle Land Use Policy been the Last Four Years?

Albemarle CountyLast month the Board of Supervisors had an agenda item (March 8th – Economic Site Readiness Report) to hear from a consultant about land available as commercial assets in the Comp Plan (“Growth”) area. In May 2015, the Supervisors, following the lead of staff effort, passed unanimously a Resolution inviting an unnamed business to consider locating in Albemarle County.

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Charlottesville Ten Miler

Established in 1976, the Charlottesville Ten Miler is the area's oldest and most prestigious footrace. This not-for-profit race has raised tens of thousands of dollars for local charities over the past 40 years.  

This popular local race travels through UVa and surrounding neighborhoods and downtown Charlottesville including the Downtown Mall.  It is known for its scenic and challenging, hilly course, as well as it's supportive fans and cheering groups along the way.

Candidate John Lowry ran the Charottesville Ten Miler on March 18th, 2017, placing lucky 13th in his age group.

Photos: On the Downtown Mall, at the finish line, at the finish line with daughter and granddaughter, and a previous year's finish line.