Connecting with Voters

When going door to door to meet voters, I find that almost every door is answered by someone full of interest and courtesy. In politics, the best way to find what is on voter’s minds is to knock at their doors and ask them.

I am quite used to contacting the community this way!  My Mom made me knock on doors to sell flower seeds for Scouts when I was young. When I first lived in Charlottesville, Marshall Pryor (of The Young Men’s Shop) and I were the champion door to door light bulb sellers for the JAYCEES.


Now I am working to win votes! After briefly explaining why I am running I invite the voter to visit my website,, to learn more about our campaign. I ask them their opinions. A representative of the people must know what the people think, and want, in order to represent them.  

Samuel Miller district is the largest voting district in Albemarle County. We have 12,582 registered voters. With six precincts, the range is from bedrooms for the University (Ivy Precinct) to deep rural (Porters Precinct) – think Howardsville on the James River.

I have visited a lot of households with a lot more to visit. If I ring your door bell, or knock on your door, I hope you will share with me your thoughts about our fine County and how it can better serve you.