Bring Balance to Albemarle County - Vote Nov. 7th


I met with Albemarle County Commonwealth’s Attorney Robert Tracci yesterday. We discussed his encounter with the Board of Supervisors last week. Last Wednesday, he requested that the Board allocate $28,000.00 to his office to help fund an additional assistant prosecutor. The Board tabled his request until this Wednesday. I agree with Robert that this expense is worthwhile and should have been approved at the last meeting.

During the past four years, the Board has not once had an item on the agenda to review the county expenses. The county’s chief law enforcement officer asks for additional funds, and NOW they’re concerned about looking at expenses. We have accumulated a surplus of over $25,000,000.00 by needlessly raising real estate assessments and taxes, but we can’t approve funds to assist our county’s prosecutor? It is this antiquated, out of balance approach to the county’s finances that has fueled my campaign. I ask for your vote on November 7th, so that balance can be restored to the Board of Supervisors.