A Diversity of Ideas and Solutions for Albemarle County


Thank you! For the past nine months I have visited thousands of homes, spoken to numerous organizations, and had many insightful conversations regarding the future of Albemarle County. Each person I spoke with was polite and encouraging, even if we may not have agreed on all the issues. I appreciate them taking the time to share their thoughts, concerns, and suggestions with me on how Albemarle County can be an even better environment in which to live and work.

Currently all six members of the Board of Supervisors share the same political persuasion and are members of the same political party. Our county needs a diversity of ideas and solutions as we prepare to meet future challenges. I want to put my 40 years of financial management experience, problem solving skills, and community involvement to work for the residents of the Samuel Miller District and Albemarle County. Your support and vote will return balance to Albemarle County.

I ask for your support and your vote this Tuesday, November 7th.