Bringing Balance to Albemarle County

Like you, I love Albemarle County! Located at the heart of Virginia, we are are a large, diverse county with a deep history. Our land is both our beauty and our source of wealth.

As your Albermarle County Supervisor I will focus on:

  • Balanced land use policies

Albemarle County is rich in natural resources – our land, rivers and mountains. We need a balanced approach to land use policies, so that our citizens may comfortably reside and work here and absorb and enjoy the natural beauty surrounding us.

  • Balanced approach to managing the County’s finances

The Board of Supervisors must be diligent stewards of our citizens’ tax dollars. We need to support our children’s classrooms and provide adequate funding for our police, fire, and first responders, so that they have the resources they need to serve our community.

  • Balanced economic development

As your Supervisor, I will encourage a renaissance of small businesses in our County to increase our revenue stream. A balanced approach to economic development will protect our natural beauty, increase the quality of life for all of our citizens, and ensure that Albemarle County can remain an affordable place to live and raise a family.

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About John Lowry

I was raised in Williamsburg, VA. Growing up immersed in history taught me a deep appreciation for community. As a teenager and costumed guide in colonial Williamsburg, I believed that all citizens, at some point in their lives, had a responsibility to do government service. And as a young adult, I understood the importance of putting my beliefs in civic responsibility into action. For over 30 years, I served Albemarle County on various boards, commissions, and organizations. My business and community experience have prepared me to take the next step in my commitment to our community - to serve you on the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors.

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  • News

    Family and Friends over the Fourth

    By Ed Lowry


    Even while Dad is hard at work campaigning for the election this fall, our family made time to get together on the Fourth of July with cousins and friends. I work as a Biology Professor at Hampden-Sydney College, a central Virginia school proud of its liberal arts curriculum and long history - one of the oldest Colleges in the country! I teach classes in Ecology, and even during our short vacation at the Chesapeake Bay I get encouraging reminders of how our society's improving awareness and stewardship of our natural resources is slowly having effects. It appears the outlooks for marine life which is so vital to our ecological health and economies, for example the Chesapeake Bay crabs and oysters, are better than they have been for decades. We even got to see playful dolphins in the water, much to the excitement of my young daughter and her cousins and friends. Our family in Albemarle has always felt strongly about our place in the beautiful ecology of Virginia and our role as responsible managers of its resources. I know my father if elected will have the Rural nature of Albemarle always in his thoughts. His steadfast commitment to these responsibilities and others will reward the voters of Samuel Miller in representing their needs if they elect him this fall!


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    Scot’s Banker

    By Nancy Lowry


    My husband and I recently returned from a trip to the UK.

    We both have ties to Scotland, where the cultures of both enterprise and thrift are deeply rooted.

    Perhaps these ties have stirred John’s desire to serve Albemarle County. His discipline and knowledge about money might even be the envy of a Scot’s banker.

    I find it fascinating to hear him speak of county finances with which he is so familiar. For instance, this month the Supervisors approved budget amendments to fiscal year 2017 and fiscal year 2018. $75 million in added spending from bond issuance, capital spending projects and surplus revenue ($8 ½ million as of last June 30th.)

    Since his career was in finance he knows all about debt capital. He assures me debt is not bad, it is only a matter of how it is paid back that interests him. If, for instance, the county had landed the Deschutes Brewery at I-64 and 29 South he has explained how the 150,000 barrel craft brewer could easily have paid the county $2 ½ million a year in taxes. . . paying off a bond or two.

    This Spring the Supervisors issued a lease revenue bond for $22 million, because they said interest rates were going up. John says interest rates in fact have gone DOWN since the March issue date. If that same issue were brought to market today the county would save about $500,000 in interest cost over the life of the bond.

    I believe his experienced, level-headed approach to county finance would make any Scot banker proud!

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