Bringing Balance to Albemarle County

Like you, I love Albemarle County! Located at the heart of Virginia, we are are a large, diverse county with a deep history. Our land is both our beauty and our source of wealth.

As your Albermarle County Supervisor I will focus on:

  • Balanced land use policies

Albemarle County is rich in natural resources – our land, rivers and mountains. We need a balanced approach to land use policies, so that our citizens may comfortably reside and work here and absorb and enjoy the natural beauty surrounding us.

  • Balanced approach to managing the County’s finances

The Board of Supervisors must be diligent stewards of our citizens’ tax dollars. We need to support our children’s classrooms and provide adequate funding for our police, fire, and first responders, so that they have the resources they need to serve our community.

  • Balanced economic development

As your Supervisor, I will encourage a renaissance of small businesses in our County to increase our revenue stream. A balanced approach to economic development will protect our natural beauty, increase the quality of life for all of our citizens, and ensure that Albemarle County can remain an affordable place to live and raise a family.

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About John Lowry

I was raised in Williamsburg, VA. Growing up immersed in history taught me a deep appreciation for community. As a teenager and costumed guide in colonial Williamsburg, I believed that all citizens, at some point in their lives, had a responsibility to do government service. And as a young adult, I understood the importance of putting my beliefs in civic responsibility into action. For over 30 years, I served Albemarle County on various boards, commissions, and organizations. My business and community experience have prepared me to take the next step in my commitment to our community - to serve you on the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors.

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  • News

    Message from John Lowry

    The events of Saturday weigh heavily on my heart today, as they must on yours. Our beautiful community has been dragged into the national spotlight by individuals who are driven by hate, violence and racism. Their actions must never be tolerated. They are greatly mistaken if they think that they will weaken us. We are a strong, diverse community who will not be defined by those who came from different areas on Friday and Saturday to cast a dark shadow on our home.

    I am thankful for our Law Enforcement officers and other First Responders who kept a horrible situation from becoming worse.

    Let us share heartfelt grief for the families of the young woman who lost her life and the State Police officers who died protecting our community.

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    Connecting with Voters

    When going door to door to meet voters, I find that almost every door is answered by someone full of interest and courtesy. In politics, the best way to find what is on voter’s minds is to knock at their doors and ask them.

    I am quite used to contacting the community this way!  My Mom made me knock on doors to sell flower seeds for Scouts when I was young. When I first lived in Charlottesville, Marshall Pryor (of The Young Men’s Shop) and I were the champion door to door light bulb sellers for the JAYCEES.

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